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Nintendo Wii keeps idle people fit
Times of India
SYDNEY: Nintendo Wii, a popular fitness game console, could get inactive or overweight people back into the exercise regime. A study on Nintendo Wii Fit found that participants, the majority being women, showed significant reduction in body mass and

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Watch in high quality for better audio and video. Please subscribe and comment! This video is not about idling being right or wrong. Sometimes people (like myself) have other things to do during the week so we do not get the time needed to get all the weekly drops by playing regularly. This is a simple way to idle overnight once a week and get your items. Thursday nights seem to work best if you are in the United States because Valve seems to reset the “weekly item drop limit” then. Please check out my other videos for actual gameplay and all that good stuff! Soldier Gameplay #4 – Team Fortress 2 Soldier Gameplay #3 – Team Fortress 2 Soldier Gameplay #2 – Team Fortress 2 Soldier Gameplay #1 – Team Fortress 2 Combat Engineer – Team Fortress 2 *EXPLICIT DRUNK* TF2 Gameplay & Funny Commentary Tyrant Helm Craft #2 & #3 (Epic)

Just playing around with Mario transformations using a code I hacked… Here’s a higher quality version of this video:
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Click the beginning annotation for the ONLINE version that still works. Offline idle has been changed since the 9/30/10 update. This method is now broken since the 9/30/10 update. Online Idle Video

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