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wii (Category: Video Games & Consoles )
Does Wii work? Study shows virtual boxing, bowling and dancing do not help
Daily Mail
Researchers who tracked dozens of overweight children for three months found those who mimicked the movements of boxing, tennis and other sports using a Nintendo Wii were no more active over all than those who played video games while sitting on the
Active video games don't mean kids exercise moreReuters

Wii games don't mean kids exercise
Wii games don't mean kids exercise more: studyCANOE
Reg Hardware
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Independent Online
Baby Jake lands a blow for boxing
Independent Online
“They have so many choices – I mean these kids have things like Nintendo Wii to play with.” Matlala says he is looking at new ventures to recapture the imaginations of a South African generation that is more exposed to American wrestling than the sport

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Boxing Gloves for Nintendo Wii

  • Comfortbale to wear
  • Fits all size hands
  • Improves gaming experience

A realistic look and feel boxing glove that you can wear and take on oponents in Nintendo Wii Sports games.
Fits all size hands, with soft padding.

Price: £5.95

Surfs Up Wii Game

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Don King: Boxing (Wii)

2K Sports brings you an unprecedented look into the sport of professional boxing. Using the gesture recognition system available on the Wii, players will be drawn into a boxing experience like no other. The Wii Balance Board lets you feel what it’s like to be a real boxer in your very own living room!

  • Step into the ring with the Wii Balance Board: Move around the ring, duck and dodge blows, throw counter punches with both hands – all while standing on the Wii Balance Board!
  • Live the Life of a Pro Boxer: Relive the rags-to-riches underdog story of “The Kid” in a deep career mode. From his start at a local boxing gym to his rise as an international star, you experience both the splendors and hard knocks of professional boxing.
  • Immersive 3D Boxing Action: Experience epic, in-your-face 3D boxing action. Every head and body shot delivered draws you further into each match with a first-person camera system.
  • Real Licensed Boxers and Venues: Fight with or against over 20 licensed boxers in real-life venues like Madison Square Garden, Boardwalk Hall, and Trump Taj Majal.

Don King Presents: Prizefighter delivers the deepest, most authentic and entertaining boxing experience ever seen in a video game. Boxing is about more than just a night at the fights; it’s about building a career and rising to stardom. 2K Sports has captured that in Don King Presents: Prizefighter – players must train, overcome adversity, get promoted, and avoid temptation to rise in notoriety, all while watching the story of their rise to champion unfold in a unique, live-action, sports documentary style that features real-life greats from the world of boxing. Here’s what players have to look forward to:

Live the Boxing Life – A full career mode offers players a comprehensive story line that follows them through real-life boxing situations such as injuries, facing stacked odds against a corrupt judge, and more. These dramatic moments are told in a sports documentary style using the voices and images of world famous boxers and celebrities from the boxing world.

The Best in the Ring and in the Booth – Don King Presents: Prizefighter offers up a roster of 30 licensed, active boxers and 10 classic, retired boxers. Classics include the likes of Larry Holmes, Ken Norton, and even the Cinderella Man himself, James Braddock. The play-by-play commentary is provided by none other than HBO Boxing broadcasters Emmanuel Stewart and Jim Lampley.

Knock Out! – The developers at 2K Sports weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when it came to fine-tuning the fight mechanics in Don King Presents: Prizefighter. Cumulative effect punching and surprise one-punch knockdowns and knockouts will keep gamers on the edge of their seats during every match. Height, weight, reach, and strength all play a part in how well a fighter stacks up against the enemy.

Hit the Virtual “Gym” – The unique online mode in Don King Presents: Prizefighter allows players to form and compete in “gyms” of friends or any available competitor. Players can choose from any of the legendary or active champions in Don King Presents: Prizefighter, or use up to 8 of their own customised boxers in this feature.


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List Price: £29.99

Price: £5.50

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Logic3 Wii Boxing Gloves (Wii)

Wii Red / Black Pair of Boxing Gloves for Wii Remote Control and Wii Nunchuk


(out of 2 reviews)

List Price: £12.99

Price: £2.81

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