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Here, I explore… and also run through 6-5 and it’s alternate exit, along with 6-6 + it’s alternate exit. That’s it. It may not seem like too much, but 6-6 is a cave you gotta explore with the boat or you probably won’t finish it. It’s very dark without the lighting you get. 6-5 is a Super Mario Bros. 3 throwback to some stages in that game’s World 3. The water rises and falls in this stage, and a Porcu-puffer wants to hurt you by leaping out of the water. Fireballs will take him out temporarily. Also, look where they decided to put the alternate exit… 6-6 is one of the stages most people saw from E3. You go inside a dark cave to ride on a raft with a 2-way spotlight attached to it. You can control the gimmicked light with your Wiimote. Tilt in the direction you want to see. It’s not too bad, but it could use more range. The nice thing about the raft is that you can put Ice/Fire Flowers on the raft and keep them there until you need them. Don’t put them too close to the left edge, or the musical “Pah” will make them jump of the raft in time. Also in 6-6, I didn’t feel like having to sit on the raft the second time. So I decided to try using the Mini-Mushroom and run on top of the water to see if it would work fast. Now not only was it safe, but you can dash through the whole level untouched! 6-6 Alternate Exit leads to the Cannon, which will blast you to World 8. Note: Mario takes his hat off when you have 99 lives. Stop asking!
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FreeStyle dash is a homebrew version of NXE for JTAG hacked Xbox 360s. It looks just like the official NXE dash but has many extra features and is fully customisable. This is a quick overview of the dashboard to give an idea of what you can do with it. PLEASE NOTE THIS ONLY WORKS ON JTAG HACKED CONSOLES. Thanks for watching!


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