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Hamsterz (Nintendo DS)

In Hamsters Life, you adopt a cute hamster from different breeds, raise and train him. As your hamster grows stronger, he can build his own Ham-country with its own bakery, school and bookstore and invite other hamsters.

  • Adopt your favorite hamster from 5 adorable breeds, care for him, and train him
  • Watch your hamster grow and build his own Ham-Country that other hamsters can move to
  • The better you raise your hamster, the bigger he becomes, and the more energy he has to build a big, realistic Ham-Country with a bakery, school, playground, bookstore, and more!
  • Play mini-games and buy additional toys for your hamster

From the petz range of games

List Price: £29.99

Price: £21.99

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The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Nintendo has just sent over its European release slate for the rest of 2011, and the big news is that Link's Wii swansong, The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword, will be released in Europe on November 18. There's much vagueness elsewhere, with Nintendo
PAX Prime '11: The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword (Wii)HawtWired (blog)

Zelda: Skyward Sword Gold Remote Bundle locks No. 2 salesPunch Jump

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nintendo wii – Google News

Gaming Union
Everything We Know About Dragon Quest X (So Far)
PC Advisor
of their most highly anticipated games: Dragon Quest X. While we already knew it was supposed to come out on Wii, but much like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, DQX is also going to get a port to Nintendo's more powerful upcoming hardware.
Dragon Quest X Being Developed As An Online

News: Sakurai Supports Dragon Quest XN-Europe
Dragon Quest X Embraces MMO DesignEscapist Magazine
Nintendo Life -PALGN
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nintendo wii – Google News

The Wii has suffered its fair share of shaky ports over the years, not least from Driver: San Francisco’s publisher. Yet rather than shoehorn a compromised version of the HD game onto a less capable console, Ubisoft Reflections has opted for a different approach. Though protagonist John Tanner is th…


Dragon Quest X Being Developed As An Online Title
Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online (ドラゴンクエストX 目覚めし五つの種族 オンライン) will be released for both the Nintendo Wii and later for the Wii U, with some currently unknown 3DS connectivity features. Yousuke Saito, the producer of
Dragon Quest X Embraces MMO DesignEscapist Magazine

Dragon Quest X Requires Online ConnectionNintendo Life
Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online announcedPALGN
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Cruise Ship Tycoon (Nintendo DS)

Step into the shoes of a real cruise ship tycoon and sail your way past the world’s most beautiful locations.

List Price: £19.99

Price: £9.99

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Gaming Union
Dragon Quest X Requires Online Connection
Nintendo Life
The revelation of Dragon Quest X for Wii and Wii U came with some uncertainty: will the game be fully playable offline, and will it require a subscription fee to play online? Now a Square Enix FAQ has answered the questions, with mixed results.
Dragon Quest 10 causes bad stock

Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online announcedPALGN
'Dragon Quest X' To Square Off Against Smartphone, Social -N-Europe -Punch Jump
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nintendo wii – Google News

Band called “Rock-Men”; consists of in-house composers who worked on Sengoku Basara 3 and the Monster Hunter series.


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Capcom in-house band to release new Mega Man OST cover album” was posted by Jonathan Leo Toyad on Tue, 06 Sep 2011 02:06:59 -0700

GameSpot’s Wii News

With the rise of smartphones, Nintendo faces a grim future
The Japan Times
The company is also preparing to release a new home console, the Wii U. But both consoles have to overcome a huge obstacle — Nintendo's previous success. The one-two punch of the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii are the greatest comeback in video-game

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nintendo wii – Google News

My Health Coach: Stop Smoking With Allen Carr (Nintendo DS)

  • PEGI Rating Ages 3 and Over

My Health Coach: Stop Smoking With Allen Carr brings Allen Carr’s successful method to an exciting interactive support, the Nintendo DS. Developed in conjunction with Allen Carr’s experts, the game makes you understand all the illusions about smoking that prevent you from quitting through powerful facts brought by experts and fun games. This game will guide you until you reach the right moment to stop smoking for good!

  • Get a personalised program based on your profile. Let your coach know your average cigarette consumption, how long you have smoked for, how much money it costs you, as well as your age and special interests and you will be able to get a more personalised program!
  • Allen Carr’s successful expertise is brought to an exciting interactive game that takes the method to a brand new level enabling you to be entertained, challenged, and to stop smoking at the same time. This leads to a truly interactive engagement where you are active and therefore learn more efficiently.
  • Developed in conjunction with Allen Carr’s experts. Choose your personal coach among six of Allen Carr’s experts and he/she will give you personalised advices and tips.
  • 15 innovative games designed to help you remove all illusions created by the nicotine addiction while having fun. Examples: ‘I like the taste’, ‘It relieves stress’, ‘It helps me concentrate’ or ‘I can afford it’.
  • Through the “path to freedom” meter you will see your progression from dependence to freedom. The game will change your life for real and for good!
  • Special Calendar of Benefits. Once you’ve quit, you can still play the games and day after day measure the benefits you got from your new life without cigarettes.

List Price: £19.99

Price: £0.39

MySims Racing (Nintendo DS)

Race into an all-new adventure with the MySims! Start out at the driving school and learn the ways of the road. Work your way up to facing the toughest MySims rival racers and trickiest tracks in the land. The more you win, the more you’ll be able to customise your kart and trick it out with new gadgets and power-ups. When you’re ready, take on your friends in four-player mode!

  • Race to the Finish Line: Face a variety of MySim opponents or take on your friends! Compete with rival racers in one-on-one duels. Get ahead of the curve with awesome power-ups such as the heat-seeking jack-o-lantern pumpkin or a bubble dropper.
  • Kick Your Driving into High Gear: Bring back the glory days of Speedville by winning championships, completing challenges, and more!
  • Design Your Own Car: Customise your car by swapping bodies, changing paint jobs and adding tons of accessories. Improve power, acceleration, and handling by mixing and matching engines, suspension, and tyres.
  • Create Your Own MySim: Personalise your MySim’s appearance with new racing the med clothes and accessories.
  • Improve Your Relationships, Improve Your Ride: Befriend MySims and help them out to get car blueprints, car parts, and more!
  • DS-Specific Feature: Up to four players can race each other using local wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi.

List Price: £18.37

Price: £12.87

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